NFL Preview



Eagles: The Super Bowl champs!!

Offense: The health of Carson Wentz is the key to the Eagles. If they want to have another magical year Foles isn’t going to repeat those 2 games he had last year. At RB they return Ajayi and Clement who was very impressive in the Super Bowl. I see Ajayi more as the 1st and 2nd down back as Clement as the 3rd down back. Eagles are very talented at receiver if healthy. Jeffery is solid and Agholor had a nice break out year last year. Both are a little banged up but they think they will both be ready Week 1. Zach Ertz is probably their best option and he is awesome!! If Wentz is ready and healthy look for a big year again if not we DO NOT believe in Nick Foles.

Defense: They are loaded again up front and will be a force rushing the passer!!! With Cox Graham Barnett and now Bennett look out!! As long as the pass rush is there their defense will be real good.

Prediction: Assuming Wentz is a full go we think this team is going to be really good. We are also down on the other teams in the division so we have the Eagles at 12-4 and NFC East champs but that’s only IF Wentz is 100%. We shall wait and see!!


Offense: This offense has been held back by sub par play of Eli and very very bad OLine. Can Eli be the Eli of old? And can this OLine be better? They sure have the weapons to do so in Odell and Saquon. Also, Engram 2nd year he should have a real nice year!!! But it all depends if Eli and OL can be consistent.

Defense: We personally think they are really going to struggle this year. They are changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and that always takes time to develop. If Vernon can stay healthy he has to have a good year for this defense to succeed. They will struggle vs the run early in the year and get better as the year goes on.

Prediction: This team is tough to predict. One week they will look good and another look horrible. If Eli has a big year they can be a 9-10 win team but we just don’t see that happening. We are going to go Giants 8-8 mediocre year.


Offense: A lot of people are not going to like this especially one that works for us but we all saw what Dak Prescott looks like with no running game. In order for this offense to be good they need their star OL and super star RB Zeke to stay healthy and out of trouble. Their game plan needs to be run the ball and take clock off. If that doesn’t happen it could be a long year for the Boys in Dallas. WR ehhh.

Defense: The pass rush will definitely be there with Demarcus Lawrence leading the way!! Look for Irving Crawford and Charlton to have better years too!! Their Lb core should be excellent if healthy. Sean Lee is great and Smith is another year from his horrible injury. 1st round pick Vander Esch will be in the mix also. A lot of new faces for the DBs so they might take some time to get going.

Prediction: We are going to go with the Cowboys going 9-7 this year. We think they can run the ball real well take some pressure off Dak and defensively will be good.


Offense: I am not a Alex Smith fan. I think he isn’t real good at anything or real bad at anything. He just doesn’t do it for me. A huge blow at RB in Guice tearing his ACL we loved him in fantasy this year. Chris Thompson is coming back from broken leg is very good and fast but who will step up and be every down back?? Can Adrian Peterson be that guy all year?? I like their 2 top receivers in Doctson and Crowder and really like Jordan Reed but he just gets hurt every other week. Not really loving this offense.

Defense: They were horrible against the run last year and have to get better. They look to 2 Alabama studs in Payne and Allen to do that and have Kerrigan rushing the passer. Not really liking their secondary as they are plugging in a lot of new faces.

Prediction: Not liking this team at all. We are going with a 5-11 record and last in the NFC East. We just don’t see anything that special and could cost coach Jay Gruden his job at the end of the year.



Offense:  We love this team this year!! Might take a few weeks to get used to the new OC but this offense has a lot of fire power.  Bringing in Kirk Cousins is a definite upgrade to Case Keenum.  All reports say Dalvin Cook looks better and faster then ever!! He was already having a huge rookie year until his injury, look for him to have a monster year!! 2 big WR threats in Diggs and Thielen are back with Diggs more of the game breaker and Thielen a possession guy.  They are hoping Treadwell becomes that 3rd receiver.  TE Rudolph is always solid.  The Viking OLine has to be a little better at protecting the passer this year and they will be a force in the NFC.

Defense: One of the best defenses in the NFL!!! Pro Bowler Harrison Smith leads the DBs and he will have another solid year.  Griffen will lead the pass rush and Hendricks and Barr will lead the LB core.  Look for another very good year from the Viking D and especially at home where the crowd is a big advantage!!

Prediction: We really like this Viking squad!!! We have them at 11-5 this year and watch out for  Super Bowl run from this group!!! With a healthy Cook and an upgrade in Cousins the offense can be scary and defense is always solid!!


Offense: I mean in our opinion right now Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL.  He  can do it all and lead his team to the Super Bowl as he has done in the past.  They will use 3 backs in their offense in Williams/Jones and Montgomery.  Receivers look for a huge year from Davante Adams and lets see if Jimmy Graham can have a nice year with Rodgers.  This offense has all the potential just because of Rodgers.

Defense: Do not love this team defensively.  They have to be a bend don’t break style.  Hope Clay Matthews can stay healthy and get a good pass rush.  If they hold teams to field goals instead of touchdowns they would do their job.  They took DBs in their first 2 draft picks so they should have an upgrade there.  Clinton-Dix has to have a better year and be the vocal leader in the secondary.

Prediction: If Rodgers stays healthy all year and the defense can be decent this should be an 11-12 win team.  Rodgers can win 10 games himself as long as he is out there.  We are going to predict an 11-5 record for the Packers this year!! GO PACK GO!!!


Offense: Matthew Stafford is back and he has looked his best under OC Jim Bob Cooter!! At RB they are looking for rookie Kerryon Johnson to have a nice year and I think he will. Blount will be used as a short yardage back. They have plenty of weapons for Stafford at receiver in Tate/Jones/Golladay!!! This offense should be in the top 10 this year in scoring.

Defense: It usually takes a year to completely understand new styles of defense. With Coach Patricia bringing in his style look for the Lions D to get better as the year goes on. They need to be a lot better vs the run and they will depend on a couple of Alabama products in Hand and Robinson. Ansah needs to stay healthy and has to be a force for the pass rush. Darius Slay will lead the DBs and he is one of the leagues best corners.

Prediction: Playing in one of the leagues best divisions is not going to help this Lions team. Offense should put up points but I think they need a year to get better defensively. I see the Lions this year as a 8-8 team.


Offense: Mitch Trubisky entering his 2nd year and they gave him a couple weapons.  Their running game should be strong with Jordan Howard and speedster Tarik Cohen can be a mismatch all day for LBs catching the ball out of the backfield.  At receiver they bring in Robinson and Gabriel both are decent.  They would love for Kevin White to finally break out.  But he also is a huge question mark.  All in all offense is ok.

Defense: This group was very solid last year.  They need to be because their division is stacked with good offenses.  Hicks is a very underated D End and he should have another good year.  Spent the last 2 drafts on 2 LBs and they need to be ready to go right away in Floyd and Smith!! Look for this D to be good all year.

Prediction: Just don’t see how this team can get to 7 wins this year and that is their total in Vegas.  Especially 6 games in that division.  Look for us to play the under for them in Season Total Wins at 7.  We are thinking a 5-11 and best 6-10 for this Bears squad.



Offense:  I mean what else is there to say about Drew Brees.  We all know who he is and what he can do.  He is another year older now even last year was going to the check down passes a lot more.  Good thing that check down guy is Alvin Kamara!! He came on quick as a rookie and is only going to get better.  His speed and athleticism is unmatched.  Michael Thomas in a true #1 receiver and should have another solid season for the Saints. Teddy Ginn who seems like he has been in the NFL forever is another speedster for teams to worry about.  Expect another high scoring Saints offense this year until we see otherwise!!

Defense: Saints defense is a middle of the pack defense and honestley that is all they have to be.  Jordan is back again a DE.  They have a slew of LBs that they can throw in.  At DB Lattimore is a very underated corner and he will lead the way in the secondary.

Prediction: In another very good division with 3 very good teams.  We are expecting a very good year for the Saints and a playoff team.  We have the Saints right now as a 11-5 squad!!!


Offense: Matt Ryan will lead this group again.  He is very reliable and very good.  The running attack will feature the tandem of Freeman and Coleman.  Both are solid but they have been waiting for Coleman to break out and he just has not.  Julio Jones needs to have a better year then last year.  He didn’t have a bad year he just didn’t have a Julio Jones year.  Draft pick Calvin Ridley should see a lot of balls thrown his way.  He is very good.  Expect a high scoring Falcon offense once again!!

Defense: This team is usually playing from ahead which means the D Ends will get a lot of chances to rush the passer and get some sacks.  Vic Beasley will be that guy.  Jones will lead the LB core and he will do a tremendous job again.  Again this team will be high scoring so defense does not have to do anything crazy.

Prediction:  This team is very dangerous.  If Julio can have a monster year then their offense cannot be stopped.  We are predicting a 11-5 year for the Falcons and another trip the playoffs!!


Offense: Cam Newton is ok.  We really are not big fans of Cam.  He also does not have a lot of weapons around him like the other teams do in his division.  We are big fans of Christian McCaffrey and coming out of the backfield as a receiver there is not one LB that can cover him.  So he is a huge mismatch.  We are not in love with their receiving core in Funchess Smith and rookie Moore.  Will Greg Olsen be is old self? If he is then that would be a huge plus.

Defense: The front 7 of the Panthers D is a force.  With future Hall of Famer Luke Kuechly in charge this defense will be very solid.  The secondary is a question mark and they have to have some answers especially playing vs Falcons and Saints twice a year.

Prediction: We just don’t see it with these guys.  A very tough end of the year schedule so they can start out hot but at the end of the day they just aren’t that good in our eyes.  We are seeing the Panthers 8-8 this year.


Offense: Jameis Winston will miss the first 3 games because of suspension.  Enter Ryan Fitzpatrick for those games.  We honestly think Jameis is not very good and neither is Fitzpatrick.  Peyton Barber seems to be the leader in the clubhouse for the starting RB job.  Ronald Jones who they drafted high is not there yet.  Mike Evans and Jackson are both great receivers.  Evans is a big receiver with plenty of skills.  Jackson still has the speed to beat any corner.

Defense: The Bucs D was horrible last year.  They still have McCoy and they brought in a bunch of help.  Traded for JPP who can still bring it.  Drafted DT Vea who is a monster inside.  This group has to be a lot better up front.  DBs are very young and will get tested all year.

Prediction: We think this team absolutely stinks.  This will be Coach Koetter last year with the Bucs.  I would not be surprised if he does not make it all year.  Just do not like their offense or defense.  In a very tough division too.  We see the Bucs as a 3-13 team this year.  Looking for a new coach and maybe a new QB in the offseason.



Offense: Jared Goff leads this high powered offense.  Honestly we did not like Goff coming out of college but last year he proved us wrong.  Can he have another real good year? Todd Gurley is awesome.  He puts a lot of pressure on defenses to stack the box and the play action pass game is wide open because of him.  At receiver Goff has newly acquired Cooks to go with Kupp and Woods.  A pretty good group.  Expect a lot of points from this group.

Defense: Could be one of the best defenses in the NFL and they have the perfect DC to deal with all this talent.  Really need Aaron Donald to get his contract done this week because him and Suh inside is going to be a lot of trouble for OL.  They also added Peters and Talib.  This group can be scary good.  They are young at LB but everywhere else is vets and very talented.

Prediction: We are expecting big things for the Rams and another step forward for Coach McVay.  They have an explosive offense and a defense that can be great.  We are going to say a 12-4 season for the Rams and try to make a run in the playoffs!!!


Offense: Jimmy G will finally get a full season to show what he has got.  He has all the talent in the world and is going to have a big year.  He has a very fast and athletic group to work with.  McKinnon has never been the #1 guy so he will get his chance now and see what he has got.  A guy we really love this year especially for Fantasy owners is Marquise Goodwin! He is a speedster and has great chemistry with Jimmy G.  We are expecting big things from this offense this year!!

Defense: Drafting 3 DL in the past 3 out of 4 1st rounds they are hoping to get them going this year.  In Buckner/Armstead/Thomas.  They just have to stay healthy.  Another guy that has to stay healthy and out of trouble because he has a world of talent is Reuben Foster.  We do not like the signing of Richard Sherman, another year older does not do well.  All in all this defense needs to be better.  We like their front 7 if healthy but do not like their back end.

Prediction:  People are in love with this team this year.  That is all because people love Jimmy G.  We do like him too but not as much as others.  They will have a better season but I think a year away from a playoff berth.  We got them at 8-8 this year.


Offense: We think the world of Russell Wilson but the GM has not done him any favors over the years with helping with the OL.  This year can be a little different.  Finally put some money into the OL.  We are not in love with their RBs. Carson and Penny do not do it for us.  We love Doug Baldwin and do like Tyler Lockett.  OLine just needs to have a better year for Wilson.

Defense: This is not the defense of old for the Seahawks.  They are going to see a lot of new faces.  The Legion of Doom is gone with only Earl Thomas still there.  We think this defense is going to give up a bunch of points this year.  We will be taking a lot of over bets on this team this year.

Prediction:  We are not in love with this team.  They are going to struggle defensively big time.  They are not used to having to out score teams and might have to do that this year.  We love Russell Wilson but can he carry this team all year?  We are going to say the Seahawks have a 7-9 year.


Offense: If this team had a capable QB they could have a very dangerous offense.  We do not like Sam Bradford.  He is very good at the 3rd and 9 passing for 5 yards.  There is a reason he is on different team every year.  Will Rosen eventually take over this year? Is he ready? We do love their weapons.  David Johnson is absolute stud and Larry Fitz is just so reliable.  Christian Kirk has all the talent in the world and could be a factor in punt returns too.  Again if the QB play is decent they could score some points this year.

Defense: They are going to count on Chandler Jones big time for their pass rush.  Patrick Peterson is also very good.  Other then that they are going to have a lot of new faces.  Switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 also will take some time.  New coach, new system might see some struggles early on.

Prediction: Do not love this team just because of the QB and a lot of new pieces to the defense.  We are going to say this team goes 5-11 this year.



Offense: There is nothing we can say that everyone does not already know.  Tom Brady is the GOAT.  Pats have plenty of weapons again this year for Brady (even with Edelman coming back Week 5).  Gronk is still a monster.   Cordarrelle Patterson will be an interesting piece that will be used in Josh McDaniels offense.  Get him the ball quick and in space.  Chris Hogan is a very reliable receiver and they look for Dorsett to have a better season.  Their RBs are also dangerous in the passing game in White and Michel.  Rex Burkhead and Jeremy Hill will be used as well.  Look for another high scoring Patriots team!!

Defense: They have a bunch of guys back from last years defense in McCourty Chung Gilmore in the secondary.  They play a bend but don’t break style.  This defense just has to hold opponents to around 21-24 points a game and they will be just fine.

Prediction: We can’t bet against them until we see the fall of Brady.  With all of his weapons, we do not see that happening this year.  Patriots again a Super Bowl contender!! With a 13-3 record.  But watch out for them 1st week vs the Texans.


Offense: Tannehill is back from injury and this has to be a make or break year for him.  If he does not get it done this year, look for the Dolphins to move on.  Kenyan Drake will show what he has got this year, being his first full season as the starter and we expect big things from him.  Parker is out for the time being but they need him to be a big threat in the passing game.  Stills and Amendola are reliable guys there.  Look out for rookie Gesicki to be a force in the red zone.

Defense: Was a very young defense last year and looking to improve this year.  We think they will be good defensively.  They hope McMillan can return from injury 100% and he will help on the speed of the LBs.  Newly acquired Quinn will bring some leadership into the DLine.

Prediction:  We think this will be an improved Dolphin team from a year ago.  Tannehill has to have a good year for himself to get a contract next year.  We think they are improved and next year they will be a playoff team.  We say Dolphins go 8-8.


Offense: It is Sam Darnold’s team for the next couple years.  We think that is a great thing for Jets fans who have been searching for a QB for a long time.  Darnold will get his lumps early but by the end of the year they will know they have their guy.  He has some receivers to work with in Anderson/Kearse and Enunwa.  Also, they brought in vet back Crowell to go along with Powell.  They will be a lot better towards the end of the year then they will at the beginning.

Defense: Jets have to find someone to get after the pass rush.  They should of pulled the trigger on the Mack trade but did not.  Williams is good but he needs help.  Their safeties are a real good group and should be better after last year rookie years for both.  Defense will be good but not great because they do not have a pass rusher.

Prediction: As we said earlier they will get better as the year goes on and are heading in the right direction.  With that being said we see the Jets as a 6-10 team this year.  Look for them to spend a lot of money in next years offseason with 90 mill to spend.


Offense: Oh boy!!! Nathan Peterman is not a starting NFL Qb and Josh Allen is no where near ready to start.  This team is going to struggle big time.  McCoy is back but can get suspended at any time and their receivers are not great.  Look for this offense to really struggle this year.

Defense: They should be solid on this side of the ball.  With Jerry Hughes still rushing the passer and a solid LB and DB core they should be just fine.  They might have to pitch some shutouts to be in games.

Prediction:  We have them ranked as the worst team in the NFL this year.  We cannot see them winning more then 3 games so we have them as 3-13 team this year and look for an Under team wins bet from us.



Offense: Big Ben is back. But where is Le’Veon Bell?? Last report I read said he will not report until Week 10!! If that’s the case that is a huge blow to this offense.  They have big time receives in Brown and Smith-Schuster and will look like a big passing offense until Bell comes back.  In the mean time they will rely on Connor a big power back.

Defense: This will be a decent defense, not like the Steelers of old.  They like the Pats will play a bend but don’t break style and look to out score you.  Look for Bud Dupree to have a nice year rushing the passer along with Watt.

Prediction: This is a totally different team and style if Bell doesn’t play.  Look for them to air it out and then use Connor just to get those 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2s.  We still like them and well Bell comes back they are a very dangerous team to play.  We are going to go with a 10-6 record.  If Bell comes back then the sky is the limit but if not that changes everything.  We shall wait and see.


Offense: Flacco is another guy on the hot seat because even though Lamar Jackson did not have a great preseason he will be looking over his shoulder for next year.  People are really liking Alex Collins and we think he is good but just has to do a better job on holding onto the ball.  Crabtree will give Flacco a big and strong target and that’s a good signing for them.  Brown will give them some speed.

Defense: Very experience D.  Look for them to be one of the top defenses in the AFC this season.  With Carr and Weddle will lead the DBs.  Suggs is back for what feels like his 20th year.  But all in all this is a very good defense.

Prediction: We like this Ravens team.  It is well balanced, nothing special but just a good team all around.  They will be in the playoff hunt all year and we have them at 9-7 and they very well can sneak them in.  You do not ever want to see this team in a playoff game.


Offense: This offense has all the talent in the world.  Can Andy Dalton finally have a big year for them and can the Bengals put it all together? Joe Mixon is a very solid RB.  He has the speed to beat you and got bigger so he can be better up the middle.  At receiver AJ Green is still a stud.  Boyd is another big receiver.  They are hoping for Ross to have a better year because he brings the speed.  If Eifert can stay on the field he is very talented but just gets hurt too much.

Defense: Discipline is always the key word to describe the Bengals D.  They are a force when they are on the same page and not committing dumb penalties.  Atkins is one if not the best DT in the NFL.  They just have to stay out of trouble and not get dumb penalties and they will be fine.

Prediction: It is so hard to predict these guys.  They either will have a big year or have a horrible year.  We will be optimistic because we love their offense!! We are going to say the Bengals have a 9-7 year and will be like the Ravens in that playoff hunt all year.  Another team you do not want to play against.


Offense: A lot of people are high on the Browns.  I don’t know if that is because they watched a lot of Hard Knocks but we are a little optimistic too.  They have some talent on offense.  Taylor will start the year but Baker will come in eventually and take over.  We are big Baker Mayfield fans just putting that out there.  But Hyde will get the load of carries at RB.  Landry will be the reliable receiver.  If Josh Gordon comes back and he is the Gordon of old, that will be a hugeeee plus for this offense because he is an absolute beast.

Defense: They also got some talent on defense.  Myles Garrett is going to be a monster year after year.  Jamie Collins is solid inside.  But they are still a very young D and will take some time getting used to each other.

Prediction: They will be better, granted they couldn’t be worse.  But they will be a lot better next year.  To many new faces to get in done this year.  We have them at 5-11 this year and will be on the right track entering next season!!



Offense: Deshaun Watson is the real deal!! We love this offense this year and are expecting big things and a lot of points!! Lamar Miller is a capable back.  Hopkins is an all world receiver!! Will Fuller is a speed guy if he can stay healthy.  But we love this offense and expect a big year!

Defense: Clowney finally showed what he has got last year.  With him and Watt (if they stay healthy) that is a very very dangerous duo.  Joseph is a very talented DB and a huge pick up in Mathieu will solidify this defense.

Prediction: We really like this team this year!! Hopefully everyone can stay healthy and they can show what they can do!! We are going to say they have a huge year and go 12-4!! Look for us with a bunch of future bets with these guys!!


Offense: Mariota leads these Titans. Love their 2 man attack at RB in the power back in Henry and fast back in Lewis. Not loving their WR. They need Corey Davis to step up. Delanie Walker is a very good TE and Mariota loves getting him the ball.

Defense: A very solid group and it has to be in this division. The addition of Malcom Bulter should help the DBs in the pass game and the rest of the D is a group of veterans that should be good.

Prediction: They have a very tough division and another playoff year is going to be tough for this group. We are going with a 7-9 year for the Titans.


Offense: Run the ball. Play field position and help out the defense is their style. BlKe Bortles played a lot better in the playoffs then I thought he would. With Fornette just got to keep feeding him and set up play action easy passes. Get the ball to Keelan Cole and Dede Westbrook early and in space.

Defense: This is a very talented group!! With Campbell rushing the passer and Smith and Jack at LB their front 7 is very good. Jalen Ramsey is one of the best corners in the league and talks a big game, but he can back it up!!

Prediction: We love their defense and if their offense plays like they did in the playoffs watch out!!! Run the ball and play good D is what they do. We are going with a 11-5 playoff bound Jags squad!!


Offense: Hard to tell if Luck is back to 100%. If he is then this team is in good shape. If he’s not expect another bad year. Not loving Lucks weapons. Only Hilton we really like. Marlon Mack never got better and looks like he got beat out by Wilkins to start the year. Not loving the offense especially if Luck isn’t himself.

Defense: A bunch of grinders. No household names to go with this defense and hopefully they can be solid. Not much info I know but we won’t know a lot until we see them.

Prediction: If Luck is himself we see this team as a 7-9 squad only because of him. If he is not 100% and can’t play the whole year we have them as a 4-12 team.



Offense: Phillip Rivers leading this offense with high expectations this year.  Melvin Gordon is a stud at RB and he should have a monster year!! Keenan Allen is key to this receiving core.  He is great when he is on the field but just gets hurt too much.  A solid OLine and should give plenty of time for Rivers to deliver.

Defense: Bosa and Ingram lead this pass rush and they will be a problem to deal with all year for opposing teams.  Rookie Derwin James should step in and a have nice year in the secondary.  If they are ahead in games though, look for this pass rush to be even more explosive!!

Prediction:  We really like this team this year!! They are the class of the AFC West and will win the divison.  We are going with a 11-5 season for the Chargers!!


Offense: Pat Mahomes takes charge and he will have plenty of weapons to help him out.  Kareem Hunt should follow up his rookie season to have another good year.  Tyreek Hill will have a monster year!! Just get that ball in his hands in space and let him go to work.  They added Watkins to the receiving core just ok.  Kelce is one of the best TE’s in the league too.

Defense: A very experience defense.  They are a better D at home with that crowd advantage then on the road.  Eric Berry is an All-Pro and he will lead.

Prediction: If Mahomes can control this offense and get the ball into his playmakers he will be just fine.  He brings a different dynamic then Alex Smith and they should be scoring more points.  We think they are playoff bound and have a 10-6 record!!


Offense: Case Keenum comes in and he has a lot of receivers but the running game is very questionable.  Rookie Royce Freeman looks like he won the job and he was great in college lets see if that translates to the NFL.  Thomas Sanders will be there again and rookies Sutton and Hamilton are waiting in the wings and should see plenty of action.

Defense: Pass rush should be great with Miller and Chubb.  The loss of Talib will hurt but this defense will be really good I believe.  They will get after the QB all year and at home they will be real tough to deal with.

Prediction:  We think this is a good balanced team, with that being said we are seeing them at 8-8 this year.


Offense: Derek Carr will try to come back after a disappointing season last year.  Just do not love this team at all.  Cooper is good but just cannot count on him.  The loss of Crabtree will be a lot bigger then people think.  Marshawn another year older.   Just do not like this offense.

Defense: Why would they not pay Mack is the question.  This looks like a rebuild on the defense.  Some veterans but ehhh don’t like it.

Prediction: As you can tell we are not loving this Raider team.  After that Mack trade just looks like Gruden wants to start from scratch.  They are looking at a 4-12 year.